Aerobic Digesters

Aerobic Digesters – The way forward

Aerobic Digester are being built by Dartmoor for several years. The company specialises in small quick efficient organic waste treatment systems. To compare anaerobic against aerobic is covered on our sister companies web site. Sizes are from 50Kg up to 30 tonne or more. Waste streams include:

Food waste


Untreated sewage

Anaerobic waste

Plant waste

Animal and farm waste

Key Features:

– Quick

– No smells

– No Vermin

– Small

– Efficient

Aerobic Digesters use a bacterial action not a rotting process. Aerobic is safe. The units are modular- based on the unit model range. It does not produce Gas. By products are heat and water with a small amount of Carbon dioxide.

Digesters take a variety of organic waste types. Bacteria with heat- the waste can be converted into fuel. However, unlike Anaerobic systems there is no waste at the end of the process to go to landfill.

For specialist add on’s such as conveyors, augers, waste baggers please go to our page on manufacturing

The systems are designed to be virtually automatic which means, what you load is important. DEL use remote diagnostics to allow us to log on. For instance, we periodically check on the digesters performance and make remote changes. There is no need for a team of maintenance and safety personnel.

Does it digest everything. No.

There is always some waste which is non aerobic. This can be automatically bagged for disposal or changed into a fuel. DEL has developed DHCP systems (waste to energy) to be driven from waste.

For Marine systems – on board organic and sewage waste Dartmoor also manufactures through its marine divisions another range of products.

A schematic of a ship board system