The answer is simple, it's a bench that rotates 360°. This versatile and ingenious device can assist in all manner of projects, from mechanics to factory work to flower arranging and much more!



Rotabench can save space in the workshop. Traditionally, a clear working zone would have been required around a work bench to enable the engineer to walk around the entire bench to view all angles of the project being worked on (perhaps taking a toolbox and other equipment with them). Rotabench enables an individual to remain static and rotate the work in front of them. This is useful where it is easier to rotate the bench than to change the positioning of the equipment. 

This may be particularly useful to those who have mobility problems - Rotabench makes a variety of industries accessible to those who may otherwise struggle to thrive in the workshop environment due to physical limitations. 

Furthermore, this space saving device is useful in the current working environment - being able to remain stationary while viewing all sides of the project facilitates an employee's ability to stay socially distanced from other workers and as a result maximises the number of workers that can be present at the workshop at one time.



Always prepared



Rotabench has been made to be fixed in place, being bolted through to the floor. It therefore remains static in the workshop.

A simple design change could produce a Rotabench that is mobile, which can then be locked in place. Additionally, the pedestal can be recessed into the floor so not to produce a trip hazard. The bench is adaptable.



The Rotabench could easily be fitted with a lifting mechanism to raise or lower the height of the bench. If necessary, the bench can tilt, to give access and visibility to the underside of objects placed on the bench.

Projects can be clamped down and the bench rotated 360° - with the option to lock the bench into position at 45° increments.



The appearance of the design can be adapted to fit with the aesthetics of your workplace.


Technical specification (based on standard model):

Height: 750mm

Work surface area (width): 600mm

Work surface area (length): 1000mm

Weight: 42kg 

Spin radius: 1200mm 

Max load (outside edge): 120kg

However, this specification is completely adaptable. We can design a bespoke model tailored to meet your requirements.