Rotabench – Saves time and money – how?

What is a Rotabench? Its a rotating engineering bench. It is a versatile and an ingenious device. It can to help and assist with all manner of projects. From car mechanics to florists.

These sturdy work bench’s have been designed to rotate through 360
degrees. Whatever, it is that your working on you can rotate it through a complete
circle. This will aid in accessing all areas and sides of the object placed on the unit to work on.

It saves on space in the workshop. Traditionally, a clear working zone would have been
required around a work bench, allowing the engineer to walk along all sides.
(perhaps taking a toolbox and other equipment with them).

Now the engineer can remain static and rotate the bench. This saves greatly on the footprint of each work station and working time!

The Rotabench can save space in the workshop. Individuals can remain static and
rotate the work in front of them. This is particularly well suited for those who have
mobility problems. A wheelchair user can easily access the workplace for a task that
would have otherwise created numerous issues.

picture of the late Steve Tucker of Hedgehog motorcycles who used the Rotabench
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The Rotabench could easily be fitted with a lifting mechanism to raise or lower the height of the bench. If necessary, the bench can tilt, to give access and visibility to the underside of objects placed on the bench.

The Rotabench has been made to be fixed in pace, being bolted through to the floor. It therefore remains static in the workshop.

A simple design change could produce a Rotabench that is mobile, which then can be locked in place with the aid of a simple foot. Also the pedestal can be recessed into the floor so not to produce a trip hazard. Therefore the bench can be adapted to your needs.

A rotabench being used in a fabrication shop

This design has evolved out of necessity. The need to be able to work from a fixed position whilst being able to access 360 degrees around an object. The scope for use is enormous. The Rotabench could be used to help those with mobility issues,

Those who have equipment that find it easier to move the bench than the equipment.

Those with limited space available.

Those that need to rotate an object in a consistent and uniform plane.

To gain access to the bench for large / heavy equipment ramps can be fitted to enable
equipment to be wheeled up and onto the bench. The advantages
– Space Saving
– Advantageous for mobility sufferers
– Mobile or fixed
– Height adjustable
– Ramps can be fitted

The Rotabench offers a unique and practical solution to a clear workplace requirement. The working model has been proved to be a valuable and beneficial tool in the modern workshop that save time and space!

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